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Everyone has a dream, but it’s up to each person to claim his Own Destiny!


At a time in the music industry where it seems that lyrics are hastily laid over bouncy, aurally pleasing beats, The Claim by Piff, a promising rapper from Chicago, is more than just a breath of fresh air; it’s a great EP.

The Claim is Piff’s most recent body of work and the first release with three years passing since his last. Piff says that he took this time to “focus on furthering his unique sound, establishing promising connections in the music industry, and making sure that his next step would be his best step.” And in comparison to his other works, it’s clear to see that he accomplished all of these.

The Claim is a 5-track EP that shows the versatility and range that Piff exhibits in his music. The EP is one that you can listen to in almost any situation due to how relatable it is and the tracklist that contains introspective, thought-provoking songs such as “Chicago Died” and “Get Off My Chest” and songs that sound as if they were made for the radio like “Big Knots”. Then, of course there’s “First Time”, a club
banger sure to get any girl on the dance floor with its soothing beat and clever delivery.

Piff captures a retro, 90’s hip-hop style with his samples, instrumentation, and song composition while cultivating a delivery and flair all his own. In the same grain as most great musicians and artists in general, Piff broadens his tape to show his dexterity in other facets besides music. The Claim is so much more than just an EP; it’s a larger, powerful
message that Piff would like to introduce to not only his fans, but to the world. On a personal level, The Claim can resonate with any person. Everyone has a dream, but it’s up to each person to claim his own destiny. Whether your dream is to become a fashion designer, pro-football player, or a contract lawyer—it can happen, if you claim it. As far as rapping goes, Piff has definitely laid claim to his destiny.

With so much to offer, there’s so much to look forward to with The Claim, Piff’s upcoming EP, and more music to come. Claim a copy and claim your destiny.